Twin is an art buying consultancy with production services, working in stills and moving image, set up to give new and cost effective paths of creative production support to advertising agencies and brands.

We combine a passion for both art buying and production, both in the UK and internationally. We specialise in supporting our clients through the process of developing and executing print and moving image campaigns, and sourcing the perfect talent to suit every budget. We provide expertise in all elements of production, offering a full or custom service depending on your unique requirements.

Our approach in today’s climate is to combine creativity with care, efficiency and flexibility in order to meet each client’s individual needs, working meticulously to achieve the highest standards.

Twin Productions was founded by Danielle Hunt, an experienced art buyer and producer who has worked within the advertising sector for the past 10 years.


krow work with Twin across all of our major shoots. Danielle is one of the few people who completely understands what we are after, has a great eye for detail and is a font of all knowledge for all things art buying.

Twin look after everything calmly and professionally, no matter what obstacles are thrown at them.

They feel like part of the team, and are always looking to do the right thing for both krow and our clients. Without fail, not only do they deliver but they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

I couldn’t imagine doing a production without Twin.

Mark Coldham
Managing Partner
krow communications

When working with Twin I find myself at ease knowing the shoot is completely managed, allowing me to work closely with my client. Twin Productions show knowledge and work calmly and swiftly during very technical shoots. I always feel proud to be involved in such well organised shoots.

Bally Mahay
Campaign Manager
Wieden + Kennedy


Twin Productions —
Unit C103 Lighthouse Studios
89A Shacklewell Lane, E8 2EB

Danielle: 07939204336
Laura: 07733677436
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We have worked for brands such as:

Lurpak, Sony, Fiat, TFL, Peroni, Adidas, O2, GlaxoSmithkline, Nokia, The Natural History Museum, Grolsh, Nike, Cadburys, Virgin Trains, Nutella, Le Creuset, Lladro, Vodafone, Dove, Nestle, Gatorade, Jack Daniels…

Agencies such as:

krow communications, The Red Brick Road, TBWA, Alpha Century, Wieden + Kennedy, Fallon, M&C Saatchi, DDB, Isobar …

Selected Projects

  • Yorkshire Building Society


    The Red Brick Road briefed TWIN to produce the latest stills campaign for Yorkshire Building Society.

    TWIN commissioned London based photographer Kelvin Murray to shoot this campaign, which is a charmingly funny portrayal of the process of outgrowing ones house to which all homeowners can relate. All shot on the most meticulously designed sets.
  • Fiat 500


    krow communications enlisted TWIN to work on their new creative campaign for Fiat 500.
    Max Oppenheim was commissioned to shoot the suite of 4 print ads along with all the elements used to create the animated TV ad.


    Richard E. Grant On Ealing Comedies

    Inspired by the graphic style of film posters from the era (1940’s – 1950’s) the idea was to create a more contemporary version featuring the host, Richard E. Grant. JOINT London briefed TWIN to source an illustrator that could pay homage to one of the most loved and iconic British film brands of the 20th century. After extensive research TWIN produced the illustration with The Red Dress for UKTV Gold.

  • SUZUKI Vitara

    Have It All

    Red Brick Road joined forces with TWIN to create the new European campaign for Suzuki Vitara. TWIN commissioned photographer Ed Lee to create 9 ads in various locations across Lisbon, due to roll out over the coming months.

  • Nestlé

    Fab Alpha Century

    Alpha Century presented TWIN with the challenge of creating this fun “Fab” aerial beach scene within a tight budget. TWIN commissioned talented photographer Todd Antony, and with some creative production and expert retouching we delivered this eye catching OOH campaign.

  • Fiat 500X

    Gives SUV New Meaning krow communications

    krow communications partnered with TWIN to create the new European campaign for Fiat 500X. TWIN commissioned Frankfurt based photographer Marc Trautmann to bring a fresh and current look to the images. After extensive research TWIN produced the shoot in Barcelona in January.

  • Fiat 500

    Vintage 1957 krow communications

    Photographer: Max Oppenheim

    Set Build: Andy Knight

  • Virgin Trains

    Bound For Glory krow communications

    Photographer: Dan Burn-Forti

    Set Build: Andy Knight

  • Le Creuset

    Brand Campaign - We Live In a Disposable Age krow communications

    Photographer: Adam Hinton

    Casting: RLC

    This campaign for the UK’s best loved cookware brand was shot by renowned reportage photographer Adam Hinton. The brief called for cast members who had genuine relationships with each other, so the challenge for this campaign lay in casting real families and friends with fantastic chemistry.


  • Cadburys

    Marvellous Mix Ups Fallon

    Photographer: Ryan Hopkinson

    Model Making: 3D Studios

  • Nutella

    Wake Up To Nutella krow communications

    Photographer: David Munns

    Food Stylist: John Bentham @ Hers.

    This was a fun campaign to work on creating hearts and  smiley faces with everyones favourite chocolate spread! Who doesn’t love Nutella!?


  • Fiat 500 ’14

    Neon Weather krow communications

    Photographer: Max Oppenheim

    Neon Supply – Kemp London

    Set Build – Andy Knight

    Styling – Pip Hamilton

    krow communications enlisted Twin to create another round of fantastic ads for Fiat 500. The neon elements were all custom designed and built and were then photographed against the bespoke urban concrete backdrops to create these striking billboards which lit up the streets wonderfully throughout winter! This campaign was so much fun to produce, and left us with a very happy client at Fiat and a lot of knowledge on the intricacies of neon!

  • Lurpak

    Cooks Range Wieden + Kennedy

    Photographer: Ryan Hopkinson

    Set Designers: Lightning & Kingleyface

    Special Effects technicians: Artem

    Food Stylist: Katie Giovanni

    Post Production: Stanleys Post

    Twin Productions is proud to have produced this iconic Lurpak campaign, shot by Ryan Hopkinson for Weiden + Kennedy. Absolutely everything was captured in camera after months of meticulous technical testing with set designers Lightning & Kingleyface and special effect pros Artem.

  • Virgin Trains

    Seductive Seat Sale krow communications

    Krow Communications briefed Twin Productions to produce this stills and moving image campaign for Virgin Trains. Ben Millar was enlisted to design and create luxurious adaptations of the Virgin Trains seats, with respected photographer James Day behind the camera.

  • The Natural History Museum

    The Human Story Exhibition krow communications

    Photographer : Dan Burn Forti

    This incredible Neanderthal model was created by Kennis & Kennis,  Netherlands based artists who specialise in two and three-dimensional paleontological reconstructions, and was photographed by UK based photographer Dan Burn – Forti near their studio just outside of Amsterdam.

  • Fiat 500L

    Throw Your Family At It krow communications

    Photographer: Max Oppenhiem

    Paper Artist : Owen Gildersleeve

    Set Build: Ben Millar

    Livestock, children, set builds, model making – you name it, this shoot required it! Shooting with Max Oppenheim, we produced this campaign in a very economical and efficient way to create 6 bright and fun ads for use across Europe.

  • Sony

    Bravia & World Cup Collaboration Isobar

    Photographer: Fin Taylor

    When Sony decided they needed stills material to support their new world cup sponsorship TV campaign, Twin Productions stepped in to work alongside Blink to manage the art buying and produce this high spirited multi media campaign which ran during the World Cup.

Things We Like

FKA twigs hand-picked 17-year-old David Uzochukwu to shoot Spring 2017 Zonal Strength Tights Collection for Nike Women, the campaign was shot in Mexico and features 12 athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines.

He began shooting self portraiture at age thirteen and discovered his liking for emotional imagery ever since.

Photographers Luke Norman & Nik Adam collaborated with Kitty Travers of La Grotta ices to produce this colour and texture inspired story for the The Plant Magazine.

Represented by Together Associates

Whilst looking for drinks photographer for an upcoming campaign, TWIN came across some of Jonathan Knowles’s abstract personal work. Jonathan is constantly working and experimenting, finding new techniques and interesting things to photograph.

Terrifying stuff by photographer Max Oppenheim and the amazing prosthetics artist Bill Turpin. Casting by Sue Odell & creative retouching by The Operators.

Sam Chivers is drawn towards that blurry border between science and nature. ‘Recently I’ve become aware of how much I’m influenced by the countryside in which I live, and my tendency to fictionalise it through drawing.’ TWIN loves how you can completely lose yourself in each composition.
Represented by: Debut Art

French photographer Paul Rousteau’s imagery is bright and boldly colourful, he blurs the boundaries between real and surreal. He uses everything from collage to set design to shoot fashion, editorial and still life.

Represented by Kiosk

David Ryle is a London based photographer, he has a vast portfolio of both commercial and personal work, these are tied neatly together by his subtle colour palette. Fingers crossed we get a brief in soon that would suit his style.

Represented by The Peter Bailey Company

London based photographer Dima Hohlov has just shot these graphic images for Bionda Castana Spring/Summer campaign. TWIN is excited by these bold and vibrant shots which give the viewer a punch of elegance and a burst of colour.
Represented by Saint Luke

We had the pleasure of meeting Finn last week to go through his work. Well known for his photography on Instagram, Finn also shoots travel, lifestyle and commercial commissions for a variety of brands.

Despite spending less than two days in some of these locations, he captures the environment around him in intricate detail.

Represented by Tinker Street

Whilst researching kids lifestyle photography for an exciting new brief we came across Gerard Harten, who shares his time between Paris, where he was born, and Cape Town.
Harten has just shot the Armstrong family for Spree Magazine, they are a surfing family of 7 kids living on the border of the Cape Town nature reserve. With this incredible set of image, Harten captures the passion and joy of living by the sea waiting for the next big wave.
If their family had a motto it would be something like “living free is how we like to be.”
Represented by RSA Photography

An exciting new brief has had us researching illustrators who borrow from the rich graphic heritage of science type programs and infographics, and we came across Essy May’s work.

Essy May is a science-fantasy artist and print designer based in London. Combining the wonder of the stars (her uncle is a renowned astronomer) with the edginess of extra-terrestrial b-movies. Essy’s digitally-coloured graphite drawings are steeped in dreaminess and influenced by the days of classic sci-fi.

Represented by Blink Art

Whilst searching for an artist for an upcoming campaign, TWIN came across the work of Oscar Grønner.

Oscar is a Norway-based graphic designer and illustrator, his work introduces us to a strange cast of characters. Gronner’s pencil lines are delicate and the shapes he makes with them, monolithic.

Oscar’s very weighty figures in white worlds make us smile everytime we look at them.

“A telltale thump of the heart, the flush feeling that starts in your chest and spreads to your fingertips, the tightening of muscles and the quickening of breath: the effects of adrenaline are positively pulse-pounding, but the physical whoosh we feel in our bodies actually starts in our brains.”

Left feeling slightly uncomfortable, TWIN loves the new series by Aaron Tilley.

Represented by Angela Woods

Great to see a mix of photography portfolios from Probation, thanks again Rebecca for introducing us to the new talent and work!

TWIN especially liked, artist, designer and creative director Leif Podhajsky. His work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience.

Leif has collaborated on projects for clients such as Nike, Ballantine’s, Shangri-La Hotels, Warp Records, Ninja Tune, XL Recordings, Sony, and Virgin.

Represented by Probation London

Melt: Portrait of an Iceberg by Simon Harsent, shows how icebergs transform throughout their lifetime. This series represents the creation and the ending of an iceberg in photos, taking viewers on a journey over an iceberg’s life span.

Award-winning photographer Simon Harsent began this project as a personal journey. “It is impossible, however, to look at these images and not think of the environmental issues we face right now. Just as our personal choices define us, so the choices we make as a species will determine what becomes of the planet on which we live.”

Joël Penkman is a UK based New Zealander with a background in graphic design. She combines her style with iconic subjects which give her work a real retro feel. Her paintings are meticulous, graphic and often nostalgic. TWIN love the way she depicts food & objects of British Culture.

Alec Soth’s Broken Manual is inspired by research into a fugitive on the run in the Appalachian wilderness, Soth immersed himself in understanding Americans who’ve abandoned civilisation. He traveled in search of “broken” men who had decided to quit their old lives, disappear, and dwell alone in the wilderness.
TWIN have recently been to see Gathered Leaves: Photographs by Alec Soth which is running at the Science Museum’s Media Space until 28 March 2016 – This exhibition presents his four signature series – Sleeping by the Mississippi (2004), Niagara (2006), Broken Manual (2010) and the most recent, Songbook (2014). An incredible exhibition well worth a visit!

TWIN have just returned from Barcelona after a fantastic shoot with Marc Trautmann.

Marc works both in the studio and out on location to capture vehicles in a fresh and exciting way, these images feature the Mini Cooper S shot in and around Shoreditch. His car photography has taken him around the world, chasing the light and landscapes to capture the effect they require.

Represented by Schierke

Whilst researching food & drink photographers for an upcoming campaign we stumbled across French photographer Nathalie Carnet. Nathalie shoots food, portraits and nature. Her universe is refined and feminine. Her style is serene, tranquil and still. TWIN particularly likes the calmness in her work.

Represented by The Miss Jones Agency

Taking inspiration from Newton’s Third Law of Motion, photographer Thomas Brown and Lightning & Kinglyface  explored the powerful forces of nature by trapping inks and paints between glass and letting nature take it’s course, creating a perfect equilibrium.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The physical world we experience is primed perfectly for equilibrium.

Thomas Brown is represented by Webber Represents.

Whilst looking for aerial photographers for an upcoming campaign, TWIN came across this project by David Burdeny. ‘Salt’ is a series of aerial photographs which captures the vast expanses of land across Western Australia and Utah, USA. The images bring into focus artificial and natural details, compelling the viewer to assess their relationship with the landscape.

Whilst busy searching for a studio fashion photographer for an upcoming campaign Twin came across Luke Stepheson’s ‘A Bit of Fluff’ feature in The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Luke creates portraits of arresting clarity, capturing unique character, not only in individuals and animals, but in objects, from prize budgerigars to the World Beard and Moustache Championships.


Gregory Halpern is an American photographer who grew up in Buffalo, New York, he is known for his artist books.

Gregory’s work is led by aesthetics, even when his subject matter is challenging. The common thread in his work is the discovery of something visually arresting, extraordinary – and he draws our attention to these tensions by placing them within a frame.

TWIN loves that his work is raw, political and compassionate.

Todd Selby is a New York based portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer. His project, The Selby, offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail.

Represented by We Folk

Jessica Dance specialises in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. Her work is playful, colourful & imaginative.

TWIN particularly like her embroidery, using soft textures and lots of colours, they really stand out from other artists.

Young Melbourne photographer Emma Phillips’ body of landscape images is so striking in its minimalist form that it almost borders on abstraction. She documents Australia’s salt mines, the vast expanses of white populated only by the occasional crane and digger and overhung with glorious blue sky.

Great to see a mix of photography portfolios this morning from Morgan Lockyer, thanks again Charlotte for introducing us to the new talent and work!

Twin especially liked Regan/Grey, they have a collaborative practice based in London, specialising in still life and interior photography.

Represented by Morgan Lockyer

Twin is excited to be working on an upcoming campaign with Nick Ballon.

Nick is a documentary and portrait photographer, he is deeply inspired by Bolivia’s rich cultural history and diverse landscape, being half Bolivian himself, he explores his connection to the country by examining day-to-day objects and finding beauty in the unexpected.

Massimo Vitali is a photojournalist, cameraman and master of beach scenes. From historic piazzas to local swimming holes, Massimo Vitali has long used his camera as a tool for social research—shooting large format images of people enjoying them selves on a grand  scale. He studies what happens when people come together in public places. ‘His motivation has always been to understand the people he shoots, not to mention society on a larger scale’

Represented by WE FOLK

Jody Rogac is a Brooklyn-based photographer who’s countless snaps of intelligent and powerful women are a straight forward record of the interaction between photographer and subject.
There is a perfect balance between the caught in the moment glimpse of the camera and her highly composed sense of style.
Twin think her portraits are genuine, graceful, beautiful and serene.
While searching for tactile illustrators, who use a craft (wood carving, textiles, glass, metal..) Twin came across Eiko Ojala’s work.
He works mostly digitally and draws
 everything by hand. Within his work process, Eiko likes to study the forms of shapes and to work closely with light
 and shadow.
Beautifully minimalistic, he creates landscapes, figures and portraits combining his craftsmanship with a nice amount of humour.
Represented by EW Agency
Whilst busy searching for a landscape photographer Twin came across David Goldman’s work.
David Goldman has achieved a widely successful career as a much sought after photographer.
He has completed numerous personal projects, his favourite being ‘The Off Season’, which saw him travel Britain’s coastlines during wintertime and photographing the deserted seaside resorts.
Represented by Pure Agency

French photographer Vincent Fournier has spent the last decade documenting the fact and fiction of space programs from around the world. He takes his inspiration from the mysterious and dreamy side of the scientific and technological worlds.

These staged situations mix a historic and documentary vision of the spatial adventure. The sophisticated compositions and narrative elements infuse his imagery with a surreal character and a cinematic atmosphere.

Represented by Carole Lambert

Emma Hardy is a portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer, she captures the essence of everyday life. She seeks out people’s behavior, the tensions, interactions and humour and finds inspiration both in the chaos of ordinary living and the less seen moments in between.

For each commercial client she challenges herself to bring her sense of authenticity to a necessarily constructed commercial brief, although not an obvious choice, she manages to strike an excellent balance between her own aesthetic and the requirements of the client.

Represented by East.

This series of stunning interiors for Wallpaper* Magazine were shot by Joel Stans. With bright pastels and striking lighting, he creates modern yet retro spaces. Joel Stans is a still life photographer, he approaches  all is his subjects as works of art, he develops the colour palate and arranges the composition to give life to something inanimate.

TWIN were wondering if these interiors were miniature models or not?

Represented by Fox Represents.


Carla Lucena creates stunning vector illustrations. TWIN particularly like her architectural designs, using soft textures and pastel colours, they really stand out from other artists.

Represented by JSR Agency

Photographer Qiu Yang creates a collective story with his bright and blocky aesthetic. Using fashion and accessories his bold and imaginative positioning of sets and props he conjures up a world of asymmetrical design which you could only dream to live in.

Represented by mini title
Over the past decade, Tim Flach’s work has increasingly focused on animals, ranging widely across species but united by a distinctive style.
By taking striking close-up shots of various animals, Tim attempts to demonstrate how close can animal gestures and poses get to those of the humans.
He has three major bodies of work, Equus, focusing on the horse, Dogs Gods, on canines, and More Than Human, a broad exploration of the world’s species.
Always first choice, represented by Peter Bailey Company

Spencer Murphy is a master of portraiture, he creates otherworldly, ethereal and iconic images. He is also known for his quieter landscape imagery, these speak to the viewer’s emotions and reactions when confronted by the magnitude of nature. They hint at the unfathomable scale of life and the universe.

Represented by Making Pictures.


Whilst researching car photographer’s TWIN have come across Clemens Ascher’s work. His photography is clean, graphic, minimalistic and abstract he reveals the simplistic beauty of situations, structures and landscapes. We find these images intriguing and compelling, there is an incredible sense of calmness throughout his work.
Clemens Ascher is represented by Bonakdar Cleary